Deliver Your Content & Brand To The iPhone

Case Study: Variety used TapLynx to create a revenue-generating iPhone app rich with picture galleries, video, and more.

Available at the App Store

Why Wanted An iPhone App

  • To expose more people to their content
  • To create a new source of ad revenue and brand extension
  • To have visibility on the iPhone app store

What TapLynx Allowed Them To Do

  • Build a unique iPhone app featuring news, reviews, photos, videos & search
  • Create a flexible app with direct control and customization, including the ability to edit content feeds on the fly
  • Have a fast turn-around time for their app: only a few weeks from idea to launch in the app store

What Were The Results

  • The app was featured in the “New & Noteworthy” Section of the App store
  • The app appeared on the front page of the app store, which provided a huge jump in downloads/installs
  • The app received positive media coverage (Over 70,000 posts have been read in the past two weeks!)

What People Are Saying About The App

  • “… updated in real time, available offline, and extremely well organized…it includes all the appropriate interfaces to video, audio, and links off the Variety site…it’s deep content for the publisher organized in an iPhone friendly way.” -- Brad Feld
  • “The Variety app for the iPhone and iPod touch puts Hollywood’s daily news Bible in the palm of your hand.” -- Macworld

Why You Should Use TapLynx

  • You, too, can build a full-featured, content-rich iPhone app, without having to learn Cocoa
  • You won’t have to worry about all of the messy coding; we take care of it
  • You can extend your app by adding your own components