Use A Proven, Scalable iPhone Framework

Case Study: NetNewsWire

TapLynx was originally the result of a ground-up rewrite of NetNewsWire for iPhone. If you have heard of, or use, NewsGator’s NetNewsWire for iPhone, then you’ll have a pretty good idea where we’re coming from with TapLynx.

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  • TapLynx was the result of a ground-up rewrite of NetNewsWire for iPhone
  • As NewsGator was working on NetNewsWire 2.0, they realized that the underlying engine and much of the user interface could be used to build news, photo, and video applications for iPhone
  • In fact, the next version of NetNewsWire will be built on TapLynx, joining, All Things Digitial, and other TapLynx-based iPhone applications
  • TapLynx was specifically designed for content-rich media applications and it provides these apps with a proven platform with faster response times, scalability and full SLA

In order to understand the full potential of TapLynx it’s instructive to see how the NetNewsWire iPhone app (the flagship app that allowed NewsGator to create TapLynx) has been received.

  • NetNewsWire for iPhone was named one of Time Magazine’s Top 10 iPhone apps of 2008
  • It was also named an “Editor’s Choice” by PCPlus

The usage stats of this app also bear out its popularity.

  • There are over 300,000 users of this iPhone app
  • Over 1.1 million unique feeds read by NetNewsWire users

Taking a well-received and proven product like NetNewsWire for iPhone and building a more general framework specifically designed for all sorts of iPhone apps that can include text, audio, pictures, video, search, and more, is the approach that NewsGator took when creating TapLynx.

We hope the apps that you build using TapLynx will prove as successful as NetNewsWire.