Deliver Multimedia Content Without Learning Cocoa

Case Study: All Things Digital

All Things Digital used TapLynx to create their iPhone app without having to learn a single line of Cocoa!

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Why All Things Digital Wanted An iPhone App

  • To give their readers a new consumption option
  • To target a specific demographic
  • To extend their brand and user base
  • To create a new source of ad revenue

What TapLynx Allowed Them To Do

  • Create a content-rich app with daily columns, blogs, videos, pictures, and search functionality
  • Customize the look and feel to match their online design
  • Create an app that is ad-supported

What Were The Results

  • The app received a lot of press coverage
  • A top ten free app in the news category
  • The app strengthened All Things Digital’s media presence

What People Are Saying About The App

  • “All Things Digital ought to be at the top of your RSS feed, and among the first places you look for insight on tech news and analysis. Now, with the site’s new app, all of that tech goodness is right at your fingertips.” — theAppleblog
  • “…the app itself is clean and quick. It doesn’t lurch around like some other content-heavy apps. It’s built on [TapLynx]…and it includes some neat bonus features, like the ability to send an article from the app out on Twitter or Facebook.” — The Business Insider

Why You Should Use TapLynx

  • You, too, can build a full-featured, content-rich iPhone app, without having to learn Cocoa
  • You won’t have to worry about all of the messy coding; we take care of it
  • You can extend your app by adding your own components