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TapLynx Plugins

The TapLynx framework allows for complete customization of your app, most notable of which is the inclusion of custom view controllers. These plugins, created by some of our users, are free to download and include in your own TapLynx app.

Do you have a plugin for TapLynx you'd like to see featured here? Email us or post it to our Google Group.


Include streaming audio in your app. You can include streams that are not in an RSS feed. Designed so that you can configure the plugin in the NGConfig.plist

Download at github

More information on the Tyree Apps website


Display a remote web page within a tab. If there is no connection it will fall back to a local page. The plugin also lets apply the title and background image to the title bar, and it inherits customizations defined in the NGConfig.plist.

Download the original version by Roberto Brega

Download the expanded version by Walter Tyree

This plugin was used in the Nieman Labs app, more info here on their website.


Select a photo or take a new photo, and email it. The colors and appearance of the interface is customizable.

Download it

More information on the Tyree Apps website.