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Maximizing Your App: Exploring TapLynx Features

November 9th, 2011

Once you’ve begun to make your App your own, TapLynx has a few features we recommend you dig into. If you think about it, any given iPhone owner typically has between twenty and forty apps on their phone. The key to an app’s success is creating a living, breathing app that reminds users it’s there among the other handful on a users’ phone. The tips below will help you bring your app to life, maximizing user engagement.


TapLynx enables you to quickly and easily customize your app. We recommend you do this out the door to be sure your branding is carrying through your mobile presence. Head to the ‘Tutorials’ page under Support on the TapLynx site to watch our ‘Customization’ videos that will guide you through personalizing your app.  Basics we recommend include streaming your social media feeds, incorporating your brand colors and images throughout and syncing up your font with your other online copy.

Push Notifications

Here in our office, we’re big fans of push notifications. We believe they are the key to keeping your app living on a static iPhone or iPad screen, not only reminding users you’re there, but also engaging them with fresh content streaming through your app. TapLynx powers content-specific pushing (i.e. a push when a new blog post goes up or a new video is added to a stream) and broadcast pushing.

We recommend you utilize broadcast pushing periodically, when you have pressing news. On an ongoing basis, we’ve found stream-specific push notifications are key to making users feel like they are shaping their experience with their app.

We advise keeping these best practices with push notifications in mind:

  • Give your users a lot of control over how they engage with pushes.
  • Don’t over send your pushes: find the balance between engaging and over-engaging.
  • Build a strategy. Be clear about how you’re using pushes.
  • Include push settings in the app so users can decide what streams they will receive.

Set up your push notifications here.

Happy building!

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