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Plug-In Feature: Add Analytics to Your App

October 10th, 2011

Are you interested in tracking what’s going on in your app? With a quick and easy setup, you can integrate Flurry Analytics into your app. Flurry will enable you to follow everything from total users of your apps to page views. To include Flurry analytics in your TapLynx application follow the directions below.

Happy Tracking!

Installing Flurry:

1. Go to and sign up for a free analytics account. Once signed up, create a new app in Flurry’s system.

2. Download the Flurry analytics SDK.

3. Copy libFlurry.a (from the FlurryLib folder) inside the SDK to your Libraries folder in your TapLynx project folder.

4. Drag libFlurry.a into your Xcode project: put it right next to the libTapLynx libraries in the Frameworks section.

5. In NGConfig.plist, add a key Analytics_UseFlurry. It’s type should be boolean, and the checkbox should be checked.

6. Also in NGConfig.plist, add a key Flurry_AppID. It’s type should be string. Copy the API Key from the ProjectApiKey.txt file that was included in the Flurry SDK. The part to copy is just the gibberishy-looking part (like “BCGDJ1FKJFF” only longer).

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