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Designer Spotlight: The Arosa App

August 8th, 2011

This month’s featured app, Arosa, has all of us in the office daydreaming of hopping a plane to Switzerland. The app is the perfect example of a TapLynx app beautifully designed to feature a town’s nature, nightlife, weather and events for locals and visitors alike. We recently caught up with Arosa’s designer Georg Obermayr, of German agency Adverma, to hear more about his work with apps and the creation of Arosa:

How did you get into the world of apps?
Georg: When the AppStore was launched we saw very quickly what impact it would have on the marketing strategy of our clients. As an advertising agency, we realized that a complete new marketing channel came into being. We looked into ways to bring our knowledge of publishing systems, marketing processes and graphic design in this new business.

Why Arosa? What is the idea behind the app?
Georg: The idea was to establish an information platform for everything about Arosa. We looked at all the interesting things for people on vacation in Arosa and for people excited about their next trip to Arosa.  We packed things like up-to-date news and offers, weather forecasts, skiing info and maps into the app. There is even a section for nightlife tips. All these things are maintained on a day-by-day basis.

Because we are an advertising agency we also thought heavily about the processes for content creation. For that reason, we partnered with Quark and used their popular Quark Publishing System (QPS) to create and deliver content. Finally we came up with a complete cross-media marketing ecosystem. For example, when we create a new flyer for Arosa we are using QPS to deliver the contents of the flyer to the iPhone – automatically.

Why did you decide to build on TapLynx?
Georg: Building on TapLynx was way easier for us than coding it the hard way. With TapLynx we have been able to concentrate on our core skills, like the design or editorial parts, without worrying if the app by itself would be working. And this – of course – made the app cheaper and more affordable for our client. Really a great way to start into the app business!

How do you people use Arosa? Where do you see the most user engagement with the app?
Georg: The newsfeeds are really the most popular parts of the app. You always see what goes on in Arosa and what special offers there currently are. In the nightlife tab you can also see which DJs are playing at night. By just flipping through the different tabs, you get the complete picture of every possibility you can go out and enjoy in Arosa. The weather and skiing info tabs are also very popular.

Do you use push notifications? How does the feature amplify your brand?
Georg: Yes, we are using push notifications. They are a great feature to drive customers into the app and to point out everything happening in Arosa.

Any other cool projects you’re working on?
Georg: Yeah, of course! We are working on some other apps for the iPhone, one is kind of a calculator for an enterprise in the chemical industry. Although there are no news feeds in this app we are using TapLynx as a foundation because it makes the development easier for us. Plus we are also working on some cool digital publishing projects for the iPad.

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