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Glam Japan: TapLynx App Spotlight

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Our friends over at Glam Japan have been hard at work producing apps made with TapLynx. Their team has taken full advantage of the fact that TapLynx apps are localizable, and they’ve integrated content from the most popular fashion, beauty, and gossip bloggers for a rich experience for their users.

There are more apps to come, but already after only having been introduced to the framework a few months ago they’ve created three apps that really showcase both their skills and TapLynx’s flexibility.

The Fashion-J app


The Nikkei Online Woman app


The Glam app


Thanks to the Glam team, keep up the great work!

Revamped features page on TapLynx website

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

In an effort to better show off the bevy of features included in the TapLynx framework, we’ve revamped our features page. More images, less text. It’s also where we’ll highlight what’s new in current releases. Head on over to the TapLynx site to check it out:

Add push notifications to your app to drive up user engagement

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

Greetings! Lindsay guest blogging here from Push IO – providers of mobile engagement solutions, specializing in push notifications and alerts. We partnered with NewsGator a few months ago to provide all the notifications to TapLynx-based apps, and we’d like to thank our friends at NewsGator for giving us an opportunity to talk about this useful feature. This partnership has been great so far, increasing engagement of participating TapLynx apps and pleasing customers who now have a means to customize their favorite apps at no additional cost. Also, we’re pleased to announce that Discovery News, the first TapLynx app to implement notifications, recently exceeded the one million mark for delivered alerts! Well done, Discovery News, well done!

When the average iPhone user has 50 to 100 applications on their phone, it can be difficult to ensure that your application remains active among users. Push notifications are an effective tool for overcoming this challenge. Among the 60 or 70 apps on my phone, I use about six on a regular basis. Two of these get such regular attention because of the alerts that remind me they’re there. Along with drawing in users even when they’re outside the app environment, notifications provide a means to increase the personalization of any TapLynx-based app.

Today, I’d like to tell you about the two key reasons why notifications are useful: engagement and personalization.

Implementing notifications for your application helps to keep users returning regularly. With such a dense number of applications available, it’s understandable that people have difficulty keeping up with all the options. Providing occasional alerts serves as a reminder of the new content being published via your app and keeps users up to date.

When a user enables the notifications feature of an app, they’re prompted to select specific sub-topics about which they’d like to receive alerts. This allows them to be notified only about the content that they choose, immediately making the app more personally relevant. While this option for customization is clearly beneficial for the user who no longer has to sift through extraneous information, it’s also an asset for the creator of the app. By presenting users with a tool to align your application more directly with their interests, you automatically increase the relevance of your app for your users – without having to write any code!

One more key feature of the notifications service is built-in engagement tracking that keeps you tuned in to the activity on your app. Once notifications have been enabled on your application, you’ll receive daily emails with your engagement statistics.

So we think it’s clear that push notifications drive up engagement and result in a more relevant and more effective app, but have I mentioned that it’s incredibly easy to set this feature up on any TapLynx app?
Sign up here for an account with us at Push IO: – and then follow the basic instructions.

Additionally, the first 25,000 notifications are FREE for any TapLynx customer, with no obligation to continue the service, after which point you can choose from a range of packages to accommodate your needs.

We’d also like to thank our technical support team member, Josh Clauss, who’s helped many TapLynx customers to get this service up and running in their apps. Josh makes the setup easy, and he’s always happy to assist new customers with the process.

TapLynx has a complete wiki page with all the details at:

Thanks – we look forward to helping your app succeed!

TapLynx 1.4.2: works with iOS SDK 4.1

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

You can download the new version here.

TapLynx 1.4.2 works with iOS SDK 4.1 — in fact, it requires it (but it still makes apps that can run on iOS 3).

Other changes include a fix for a crashing bug and a fix for an entity-translating bug.

(There would have been more changes, but we’re busy working on the iPad version of TapLynx at the moment.)

Quark and TapLynx webinar: automate publishing to your branded app

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

quarkOn September 29, Walker Fenton from our TapLynx team and Rainer Heckmann from Quark will be holding a webinar to discuss using the Quark Publishing System and TapLynx together to build iPhone (and iPad!) apps.

You might remember that we recently partnered with Quark, and working together with them means that you can even more easily publish content to the iPhone (I know, how could it possibly get any easier, right??). The Quark system automates publishing of material, and TapLynx lets you further customize your app. The webinar will teach you how to go about using these systems to your advantage.

Register for a session:
Wednesday, September 29, 2010
Session 1: 10am ET | 8am MT | 7am PT Register to attend this session.
Session 2: 12pm ET | 10am MDT | 9am PDT Register to attend this session.

And not to worry if you miss out (spaces are limited), go ahead and register anyway and you will receive a copy of the live recording.

Nieman Journalism Lab saved money using TapLynx, is your app next?

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

This article from OS X Daily discusses iPhone app development costs, and what to expect when hiring an iOS developer. A poll cited from TechCrunch points out that for a relatively small app the average development cost was $6,453. When you consider that the TapLynx framework costs $599, and additionally removes a great amount of developer work on your part, your potential iPhone app is a steal.

As was mentioned in this article posted a week ago from Nieman Journalism Lab, developing an app doesn’t have to be insurmountable because of high developer costs. Using TapLynx, Joshua Benton was able to produce a solid journalism app for only $624 (1/10th of the afformentioned cost!). Not only does the framework cut down on many hours of developer time, it is customizable to a level that if you did want to invest money in custom features, you can do so by building it into the framework instead of starting from scratch.

Based on high demand for iOS developers leading to high development costs, is building an iPhone app worth it? OS X Daily says it is, if you can avoid shelling out thousands of dollars for development time. This is why Nieman Journalism Lab so effectively used TapLynx: it provides a means to produce quality iPhone apps at a fraction of the cost.

OS X Daily: iPhone Development Costs
Nieman Journalism Lab: An iPhone app developer’s diary

Today’s Apple Announcements – Retina display on the Touch!

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

Today Apple unveiled some interesting changes to their iPod line of products. Read more about it here.

We were happy to hear that retina display has been enabled for the Touch, since this feature is already integrated into the TapLynx framework. To be honest though, we were really hoping they were going to enable apps on AppleTV, so we could make an awesome version of TapLynx for it. Oh, well :-)

On a side note, John Gruber of Daring Fireball fame gave Nieman Labs and TapLynx a shout-out today. Very cool.

Finally, I think the new Nano is adorable and I really want one :3 You can wear it like a wristwatch!