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TapLynx 1.2: faster, with analytics and authenticated feeds

January 13th, 2010

TapLynx 1.2 has been released. It is, as always, free to download and try out.

Changes in 1.2:

Performance — it’s faster and uses less memory. This is probably the last release for a while to focus heavily on performance. It’s important to get that foundation done: now we can build on it. One of the performance changes makes things faster for feeds that don’t support conditional GET. (But please please please use conditional GET.)

You can now use Flurry analytics. Documentation is here.

You can use Medialets analytics. Documentation is here.

You can set up system-authenticated feeds (but not per-used authenticated feeds, which I know some people still want). Documentation is here.

You no longer need to include Feeds.sqlite3 in your apps. TapLynx creates it automatically. (No harm if you forget and do include it: it’ll just be ignored.)

Fixed a bug where an updated feed would sometimes not show the updates until the next launch.

Fixed a couple very small memory leaks.

Fixed a crashing bug with BCResourceWebViewController (or other custom view controller) when a navbar background image was specified.

The thumbnail finder handles the weird case where a return or linefeed appears after an opening <img tag (instead of the space character you’d normally expect).

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